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The media’s job is to inform and entertain us but we rely on them too to tell us what our rulers and representatives are up to. In the run-up to the Iraq war the government used spin and disinformation in the media to create panic and mislead people. The truth is coming out now, but we need stronger, more independent media to be able to scrutinise governments and make informed choices.

Cartoon by Tim (c) 2010

But this vital role for the media is under threat. The CPBF has produced this manifesto to help people raise the questions with politicians of all parties and press for the policies to enable the media to hold them accountable. 

Let’s make the media an election issue.

PDF of the Media Manifesto 2010 (right click to save)

The CPBF Media Manifesto should be used as widely as possible to inform debate during the election campaign. It is online as a pdf here, and further copies, in bulk if needed, can be obtained from the campaign - email Freepress.

The CPBF can supply speakers for meetings or other contacts for campaigning on the media.

DATELINE: 17 December, 2013


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