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The Italian general election has brought into sharp focus the significance of the first European Citizens’ Initiative – aimed at attracting one million signatures in favour of European-wide media reform. Listen to our podcast to hear how campaigning by media magnate Silvio Berlusconi has yet again underlined the importance of media diversity.

Silvio Berlusconi’s orchestration of television coverage of the campaign has only served to strengthen the determination of Italian journalists and reformers to try to force European intervention to limit the concentration of Berlusconi’s media ownership. Campaigners for European-wide reform of the ownership of radio, television and the press are urging activists to sign up to the first European Citizens’ Initiative on media pluralism details at:

Listen to the latest podcast to hear how the election and campaigning by Berlusconi has yet again underlined the importance of the attempt to force the European Union to take action to ensure greater media diversity.

Nicholas Jones is joined by Italian journalist Tana de Zulueta, former correspondent for the Economist and Sunday Times and two leading UK campaigners for limits on media ownership, Granville Williams and Tim Gopsill from the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.

DATELINE: 27 April, 2013