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Tony Benn - a CPBF tribute

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Posted by Granville Williams

Tony Benn's influence spread far beyond these shores. He was a long and consistent supporter of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom and at an event we organised around the book Shafted: The Media, the Miners' Strike and the Aftermath (for which Tony wrote the forward) in 2009 another speaker on the platform was John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for The Nation magazine in the USA.

John Nichols acknowledges that it was meeting Tony Benn in Chesterfield  during the miners' strike that was formative in his political  development, and on his visits to England subsequently would always  make sure he met Tony. John established, with Robert McChesney,the influential Free Press Media Reform movement in the USA in 2002.

One example amongst so many which people will be citing of the sheer scale and impact which Tony Benn made on political life in the UK and elsewhere. And if you go to Chesterfield Trade and Labour Club Tony Benn's  portrait still hangs on the wall in the bar, indicating his continuing popularity amongst working people in the town where he was an MP.

Granville Williams

Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

DATELINE: 14 March, 2014


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