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Orgreave Campaign demands independent inquiry

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Today's Times carried a front-page report saying that an official inquiry into the Battle at Orgreave is set to be announced. The report went on to say that the eventual format of the report “may disappoint campaigners who have called for a full public inquiry.” The detailed information in the Times report, citing “Whitehall sources”, suggests it was based on an anonymous briefing.

The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign (OTJC) has drawn on the experience of the Hillsborough campaigners, and the work done by the independent panel which produced their well-researched and comprehensive report into the disaster in September 2012.

Henrietta Hill QC, who has played a central role in preparing the OTJC evidence which was submitted to the then Home Secretary Theresa May, said: “We welcome the media reports this morning suggesting that the Home Secretary accepts the imperative for an inquiry into Orgreave, and is now considering what format that inquiry should take. 

“For any Orgreave inquiry to be effective, it must have full powers to ensure that all relevant evidence is obtained. It must have the ability to produce a report which provides a proper analysis of the evidence, as the Hillsborough Independent Panel did. For any inquiry to have the confidence of all concerned, it must involve those with sufficient expertise and independence to deliver a rigorous analysis and robust conclusions."

“We hope that the Home Secretary will engage with us further about this issue.  History is littered with examples of inquiries which, though well intentioned, disappoint at every level, but we are confident that the Home Secretary will want to make sure she does the job right on Orgreave.”

Barbara Jackson, Secretary of the OTJC, added, “We believe it is essential that the campaigners are consulted on the membership of any panel and its terms of reference.”

DATELINE: 15 September, 2016


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