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New CPBF Pamphlet on the Communications Bill


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The new CPBF pamphlet on the Communications BillThe forces unleashed by proposals in the Government's draft Communications Bill will heavily commercialise the media in the UK, open them up ownership by global media moguls and undermine public service values. This will not only have a knock-on effect on the objectivity, range and quality of the media in the UK. It will also create a huge upheaval in the media and telecommunications sector, threatening jobs, social protection at work and the professional independence of those employed in the industry.

This pamphlet outlines some of the key proposals in the draft Bill and discusses their implications. It suggests what can be done by all of us to change the Bill, defend our media as a public service and help to promote a more open, rich, democratic and cultural life in the UK. Copies of the pamphlet are available from the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, 23 Orford Road, London E17 9NL. email: The pamphlet is free but we are asking for a donation of £1 per 10 copies to cover packaging and postage. Cheques should be made payable to ‘CPBF'.

DATELINE: 25 January, 2010