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Communications Bill receives third reading.

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|Clive Soley MP The Comms Bill received its third reading on Tuesday March 4th, at 7.00pm. Clive Soley rose to speak just on 7.00pm, uttered about 6 words and had to sit down again. Here is that dialogue, according to Hansard:

Mr. Soley: We have little time left on this Bill, but I wanted to speak now, if I may. One of the major things missing from it-

Mr. Deputy Speaker: Order. I feel that I must almost apologise to the hon. Gentleman.

They ran out of time. The bill was generally welcomed by the Tories, although they are looking for certain amendments in the Lords.

For the text of the Bill, click the top link below; For the Hansard Report of the third reading debate, click the second link below and scroll down to find the section headed: Communications Bill [4 Mar 2003]" where you will be able to link to the relevant sections of Hansard.

DATELINE: 24 January, 2010