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ITV - The Future? ITC & 2008 Franchises Awards

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Posted by Shaun Moroney

With the recent 2002 franchise awards, the ITC have gone mad! ITV (or Channel 3) was basically made up of 15 different companies competing against each other for thier programmes to be networked. This brought quality television as one television channel was trying to \'better\' another. When the government relaxed ownership laws various ITV companies were bought up and thus the competition was less, less different independent television channels - less competition. Now the enitre ITV network is owned by one company (Granada & the un-liked Carlton) with the exeption of UTV which is basically an Irish version of the ITV channel and the Scottish Channels whom contribute very little (if anything) to the network. The competition is none existant within the ITV franchises, the newly formed company from the Granada & Carlton merger (ITV plc) show whatever programming they wish as the ITV network have no other source of programming. This has resulted in the ITV Channel showing poor programming thus poor viewing figures. Where has the quality gone that ITV prided itself on? Where is the regonal presidence the channel once had. The most regional broadcaster now is the BBC. Come on ITC get your act together and sort it out for the 2008 Franchise round!

DATELINE: 22 January, 2010