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Labour leadership front-runners back ‘Urgent Measures' to tackle media power

A survey of the nine MPs hoping to take the Leader and Deputy Leader positions in the Labour Party has shown frontrunners Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson giving strong backing to ‘urgent measures to prevent damaging media concentration’ and policies that would ‘temper the power of the largest media companies’. Jeremy Corbyn, the veteran left-winger who is racing ahead in the polls, said ‘A society in which 70% of UK newspaper circulation is controlled bythree wealthy families is clearly unfair and undemocratic.

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Jailed for more than 20 years: The sources convicted of selling stories to journalists

Four years after the launch of Operation Elveden, the number of public officials convicted of misconduct in public office stands at 26. A further seven out of the original 80 who were arrested are still awaiting trial, while four have been acquitted. Their sentences range from between 13 weeks to two years, andtotal more than 20 years.

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Freedom of Information under attack

Just hours after government papers were released yesterday under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) revealing that British pilots have been involved in bombing in Syria the government launched a cross-party review of the FOI which is likely to spearhead an assault on public access to government information.

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Why the BBC is like Greece: when love is not enough

“LOVE IT or Lose It” is the title of the broadcasting unions’ online campaign to stop the Tories devastating the BBC. It’s a great title, but it has drawbacks. For one thing, it’s been rather overtaken by events, with the BBC’s sudden if not altogether surprising capitulation to George Osborne’s demands to cut its real income, bringing the burgeoning campaign to maintain public broadcasting to an abrupt halt before it could get going.

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Freedom of Information at risk?
Hard-won 'rights to know' might be restricted by future expenditure cuts in Whitehall and campaigners fear the Freedom of Information Act could become a target for efficiency savings. Listen to our latest podcast about threats to FOI, with Nicholas Jones.
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