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The Media Manifesto

Posted by Nicholas Jones

Five leading media reformers turn their attention to the need for a Media Manifesto setting out a programme for media reform to lay before the political parties contending the 2015 General Election. John McDonnell MP, Anne Field of the CPBF, Jonathan Heawood of the Impress project, Hacked Off's Natalie Fenton and Des Freedman of the Media Reform Coalition join Nicholas Jones for our latest podcast.

The coalition government and Parliament might have pulled back from the effective press regulator proposed by Lord Justice Leveson but the issue of media behaviour and press ownership isn’t off the agenda.

An independent and trusted press regulator is one of the key demands in proposals for a media reform manifesto for the general election next May.

Controls over media ownership are another pressing requirement in the view of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom and the Media Reform Coalition.

The aim of drawing up a manifesto for reform is to put maximum pressure on the political parties and politicians to recognise the importance of cutting 'Big Media' down to size.

These topics, and more, are considered in our latest podcast by five leading media reformers:

John McDonnell, Labour MP and secretary of the NUJ group at Wesminster
Ann Field, Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom
Jonathan Heawood, director of the Impress project
Professor Natalie Fenton, Hacked Off
Des Freedman, Media Reform Coalition

DATELINE: 12 December, 2014