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Murdoch's lobbying efforts are increasing, new analysis finds

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Posted by Media Reform Coalition

Analysis by Media Reform Coalition and 38 Degrees suggests that Murdoch’s lobbying of government intensified ahead of the recent government consultation on the Leveson Inquiry and the announcement by Murdoch’s renewed bidto take over Sky. Between April 2015 and September 2016, senior News Corp executives met with government ministers or their special advisers on 22 separate occasions. 18 involved meetings or gatherings with either the Prime Minister, Chancellor or Culture Secretary, and, out of those, Rupert Murdoch was himself present on at least eight occasions.

Previous research shows that News Corporation executives met with government ministers, officials and advisers ten times in the year leading up to March 2015. And as before, no details regarding purpose for any of the meetings have been provided by the government beyond ‘general discussion’ or ‘introductory’.

The frequency of Murdoch’s encounters with government appear to contradict his recent statement that ‘I have made it a principle all my life never to ask for anything from any prime minister’.

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DATELINE: 6 February, 2017


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