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We're back...but LSE hustings off

The CPBF server has been off line for 4 days, but all is working again. During that time the London hustings we were organising with MRC to be held at the LSE on 29 April was cancelled owning to the lack of panel participants. It has not been possible to rearrange for a later date before the election.Apologies.

Rupert Murdoch is back- stop him

After the 'phone hacking scandal, Murdoch retreated from UK politics. But now it's been revealed that he’s back giving orders to his army of journalists in the UK. He's decided to use his media empire to try to distort this general election and claw back his dominance over our democracy.

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Which party is okay with you seeing its dealings with lobbyists?

The parties all have different positions on lobbying transparency. Which is the best, and which the worst? Whoever wins the election, lobbyists will be first in line with the congratulations. And those with the best political connections to the next party, or parties, in government will be at the front of the queue.

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Ofcom mulls over TV deregulation

Ofcom is contemplating a deregulation of the television and telecoms industry to reflect shifts in how people watch, read and talk over the past decade. In her first interview since taking over as head of the UK media regulator, Sharon White said Ofcom needed to examine how competition from US Internet giants such as YouTube and Facebook were changing the British media and telecoms markets.More at:

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Freedom of Information at risk?
Hard-won 'rights to know' might be restricted by future expenditure cuts in Whitehall and campaigners fear the Freedom of Information Act could become a target for efficiency savings. Listen to our latest podcast about threats to FOI, with Nicholas Jones.
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